Month: June 2017

Ketamine Infusion Therapy (KIT) for Pain and Depression

Did you know that 15 million adults suffer from depression? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, depression is the fourth leading cause of disability and is projected to become even greater in the future.

Pain and depression go hand-in-hand – leading to lower quality of life, reduced work function and increased healthcare utilization. In fact, we’ve found that 50% of our pain clinic patients have depression. Caring for these patients is complicated, presenting an urgent need to develop new treatments that can significantly improve their lives.

Through extensive research, ketamine, an IV anesthetic drug developed in the 1970’s, has been found to have new applications for certain types of chronic pain and depression that is resistant to other treatment.

Recognizing the need to bring this treatment to more of our patients, ProCare Pain Solutions formed a multidisciplinary work group including a team of nationally recognized pain specialists from within our organization and external renowned psychiatrists and pain specialists. This past February, the group gathered at NAPA’s corporate headquarters in Melville, NY, to review scientific literature and develop standardized guidelines and protocols related to KIT to be implemented across NAPA and ProCare’s network of pain medicine practices.

As innovators in pain medicine, several of our pain management physicians already have extensive knowledge and experience using ketamine in the pain clinic setting settings. Seacoast Pain Institute of New England and Michigan Pain Consultants will be the first practices in our network to be rolling out the new standardized guidelines and develop locally-based marketing plans to inform the community of ProCare’s KIT services available. Through our PRISMTM care management system, our physicians have the ability to gather clinical outcomes and create a data informed value-based approach to care to further refine such treatments and bring the best results to our patients. Over the coming months, ketamine infusion therapy will be offered at other affiliated ProCare pain practices – bringing relief to a new population of our patients.

ProCare Systems, Inc. Rebrands as ProCare Pain Solutions

Grand Rapids, MI – June 13, 2017 – ProCare Pain Solutions, a NAPA Company, formerly known as ProCare Systems, Inc., is proud to announce the launch of its comprehensive rebranding effort. In addition to the adoption of a new brand and logo, ProCare Pain Solutions has simultaneously debuted its redesigned website, which showcases the organization’s strategic approach and key service offerings. The rebrand is an extension of the company’s partnership with NAPA to expand its efforts to help patients across the nation manage and alleviate acute and chronic pain through a data-driven patient experience system.

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