Medical Intelligence

With the transformation of American healthcare underway, physicians and other healthcare providers need to work together to develop a value-based approach to healthcare. This approach emphasizes the relationship between the quality and the cost of healthcare services. Fundamental to this is the need to measure the quality of care that is provided.

ProCare has developed the data capture and analysis tools necessary to prepare for healthcare reform as we move toward a value-based medical system – keeping physicians, institutions and healthcare organizations at the forefront of the advancements in pain medicine.

PRISM™ Patient Management System

The PRISM™ Patient Management System is a critical tool in ProCare’s medical intelligence suite. PRISM™, a unique digital toolbox with a suite of applications, measures the impact of a disease condition related to the well-being of an individual – forming the backbone of a care management system. The clinical data gathered by the PRISM™ is used to assess disease risk and track outcomes through the course of treatment, providing physicians the means to harness the power of their practice and to better understand how pain affects their patients.

PRISM™ Benefits

  • Harnesses data to demonstrates effectiveness and quality of care, and define best practice for pain medicine
  • Drives business performance, optimizes care and resource utilization
  • Provides real-time patient data and track clinical outcomes over the course of disease
  • Generates outcomes and referral development data
  • Provides internal performance management tools
  • Offers data that aids in negotiations with third party payers
  • Establishes narcotic misuse probability of patients with the Narcotic Risk Manager (NRM)
  • Ability to measure patient satisfaction in real-time and establish the patient experience for your practice
  • Provides data for pragmatic Clinical Effectiveness Research