Healthcare Organizations

Our Medical Intelligence systems have their roots in chronic pain, incorporating registries, resource utilization, care management and research to enhance business performance. Currently, there are no benchmarks for treatment of chronic pain, which is why ProCare has developed innovative medical intelligence to meet the needs of healthcare organizations to measure quality and improve patient care related to chronic pain – all of which meet IOM recommendations for Relieving Pain in America. Additionally, ProCare has adapted the chronic pain tool to meet the needs of other chronic conditions.

Our PRISM™ registry houses over 80,000 data sets for more than 20,000 chronic pain patients in. PRISM™ also contains registries for neurosurgery, physical therapy and primary care.

Here’s how PRISM™ can help your healthcare organization:

  • Data Collection (at regular intervals with standardized questions and protocols)

    PRISM™ uses validated standardized tools in the research realm to collect data from patients at regular intervals.