Our Medical Intelligence systems have their roots in chronic pain, incorporating registries, resource utilization, care management and research to define best practices and enhance business performance.

Here’s how PRISM™ can help your institution:

  • Evolution of the Electronic Health Record

    As Electronic Health Records (EHR) continue to evolve, the next stage of development will be introducing more sophisticated information processing and delivery capabilities, primarily in the area of clinical decision support (1). This will require collection of detailed outcome and process data captured longitudinally over the course of treatment in multiple settings. Registries will then be developed with powerful data analysis and reporting tools. These will be organized around chronic diseases and conditions or costly episodes of care. From the data collected, evidence based clinical quality improvement efforts can emerge that have the power to facilitate the movement towards best practice. Fundamental to this, is the need to have the data meaningfully displayed to the clinician in real-time to support clinical decision making on a case by case basis.

    The goal of this is that the EHR will actually contribute to improved clinical care and more efficient resource utilization thereby enhancing the value of the EHR itself.