Overview Of Services

ProCare Pain Solutions’ comprehensive services are proven in demonstrating clinical excellence, improving patient and physician satisfaction, and enhancing financial performance. Offering you the opportunity to focus on patient care, our services are customized to address your practice’s immediate needs and long-term operational goals to ensure success in the era of new emerging care models. Our scope of services include:

Full Service Management

Under our full management services model, ProCare manages the day-to-day operations of your practice including technical support, financial management and other clinical and administrative functions in order to facilitate the efficient and competitive provision of healthcare services within your community.

Revenue Cycle Management

ProCare delivers an unmatched blend of revenue cycle management services through its expert team of people, detailed processes and sophisticated systems to optimize client success.


ProCare has been assisting medical practices in achieving greater medical billing efficiency while reducing costs for 25 plus years. Our medical billing solutions enable your practice to outsource its medical billing while maintaining full transparency into your practice performance.


We offer phone, fax and online scheduling options that will maximize your time with your patients. Our scheduling team will verify insurance eligibility, confirm benefit coverage details, obtain authorization and verify demographic information during scheduling and patient registration.


Our IT services provide professional organizations with custom designed technology solutions. IT systems that are properly set up will have a positive impact on an organization by improving productivity while minimizing cost.


ProCare has developed and implemented systems to track and monitor the effectiveness of all marketing or promotional efforts associated with a medical practice. This includes referral development, advertisement, public relations, stakeholder feedback, website, social media and more.


ProCare designs customized productivity reports based on the needs of each individual medical practice. ProCare has found over the years that there is not a one size fits all medical practice productivity report. Every practice tends to have specialized interests which calls for specialized reports. We believe if you measure it, it will get done. It’s about managing what matters.


At ProCare, we’ve developed key relationships with individuals and institutions to assure that your practice recruits and hires the right provider at the right time in order to provide your patients with the best possible care.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

Our team has the expertise and experience needed to effectively and efficiently implement and manage a medical practice’s EMR system. With our extensive knowledge in IT, clinical operations and administrative oversight, ProCare has been successful in seamlessly transitioning and implementing EMR system in practices.

Human Resources (HR)

Our HR services include compensation audits, employee file audits, human resource manuals, guidelines, employee training and more.


With the healthcare industry continuing to face a significant amount of regulatory oversight, compliance is critically important to every medical practice. Our compliance experts, with decades of industry experience, keep our clients updated and informed of any changes or new federal regulations, rules or laws they are required to follow – protecting the practice and its clinicians from violations, fines and revenue loss.

I have had the privilege of working with ProCare Pain Solutions since 2002. The relationship between myself and ProCare has provided me the freedom to focus on my patients and family, which is highly valuable to me.

Dr. Matthew Kuiper

President – Southern Michigan Pain Consultants, PC